Friday, May 30, 2014

The Spider Crab Campaign is LIVE!

I cant believe its finally here! but it is! After 9 months of creation I am unveiling the Spider Crab design to the world in the form of a crowd funding campaign. In two months time we will know how much the general public likes the idea of strapping cripples to kites! (I think its a great idea... obviously.) So if your wallet is fat and you want to see something awesome happen, please donate via this link right here:

If your wallet isn't so fat you can still help by just sharing the above link on facebook or the social media site of your choice. If you are interested in kite buggying for the disabled please get into contact with me. If you want to help me make awesome kite buggying youtube videos in the desert, please contact me. If you just want to talk about buggying, contact me.

Thanks for looking at my blog! Tell your wheelchair friends!

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