Saturday, July 19, 2014

History of the crab buggy design: Oliver Suire

The design of the Spider Crab is based on a design that is fundamentally different than 99% of the other kite buggies that exist in the world. The design, called a "crab buggy" was invented by Olivier Suire a few years back when Olivier noticed the benefits a crab buggy could have in comparison to a traditional style buggy. Since his initial prototype Olivier has been hard at work tweaking on and improving his design. 14 prototypes later brings us to present time where the design has been refined to a much more polished piece of work. To view all of Olivier's buggies to date, click here.

This is where I come in. After seeing Olivier's video of prototype 2 I became infatuated with the idea of a buggy like this for myself. It is thanks to Olivier's hard work and openness that I get to incorporate his best designs into my Spider Crab without having to start from scratch. Olivier has been extremely helpful to me as a mentor with the current design as well as proponent for my success.

Thank you Olivier!

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  1. I must take a ride this year in my crab.....:)